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Reproductive services

He not only collects fresh semen for artificial insemination, but he also stores semen and ships semen as needed. Dr. Elam performs both regular and surgical artificial insemination as well as C-Sections. In house Chemiluminescence's progesterone tests are available as well as in-house LH tests. We also offer ultrasounds and mismating management.

Surgical procedures

Routine spays, neuters, declaws, and tail dockings are available. Dr. Elam also performs routine orthopedic, ophthalmic, and soft tissue surgeries.


In order to ensure that your pet stays healthy, Dr. Elam recommends yearly check-ups in addition to yearly vaccines. Follow-up examinations are also highly recommended after surgeries. If you ever have any questions regarding your pet's health please feel free to give us a call.


Elam Animal Hospital firmly believes that preventive medicine is important in maintaining a high level of health for your pet. We offer a variety of vaccines, such as Rabies, Lymes, Bordetella, Distemper / Corona, FIP, and FLV to name a few. In addition to vaccines, we also perform x-rays to ensure that bones, tissues and internal organs are functioning properly. Make sure your pet is flea and tick free this season. Stop by and pick up Frontline for you dog or cat. We also sell Heartguard as preventive measure against heartworms.


Elam Animal Hospital provides in house diagnostic lab work as well as collaborating with other lab to provide additional comprehensive lab work. Several of our in house tests include: heartworms, intestinal parasites, parvo, feline leukemia, giardia, and lymes. We also conduct general health profiles, blood chemistries, urinalyses, and coagulation tests. For more comprehensive tests and for test pertaining to hormonal and thyroid imbalance, the blood work is in-house.


If you need medication for your pet, we have a full pharmaceutical department that fills your prescriptions while you wait. We also refill any prior prescriptions and can phone in more extensive prescriptions to a local pharmacy that is convenient to you.


In addition to the various lab, professional and surgical procedures offered, Elam Animal Hospital also performs dentals as a means of maintaining the highest level of health possible for your pet. We offer routine dentals, extractions, and fluoride treatments as needed. Dr. Elam also performs root planning on dogs and cats.


When you travel or leave for the weekend, you no longer need to worry about your pet's welfare. Elam Animal Hospital will be glad to board your pet. We have large runs, and a variety of cages. The dogs are walked three times a day, watered as needed, fed twice daily and are given plenty of love and attention. Cats are fed, watered, their litter boxes changed as needed and of course are given lots of love. We also accommodate any special diets that are provided by the owner and administer medication if needed.

Cats $14.00 per day
Dogs Large 50 lbs $20.00 per day
Dogs Med 21-50 lbs $18.00 per day
Dogs Small 20 lbs $16.00 per day


At Elam Animal Hospital we offer many services for your pet's general grooming needs. We offer baths, utility cuts and lion cuts for long hair dogs and cats, nail trims, and expression of anal sacs.


A healthy balanced diet not only lets your pet feel good and look great, but it also helps prevent illness and injury associated with poor nutrition. We have a variety of Hill's Science and Prescription diet, Purina CMN, Royal Canine and Eukanuba products available for your cats and dogs. Stop by today, and start your pet on a healthy diet.

Pet Products

Tired of fighting a losing battle with fleas and ticks? Is the smell of your beloved pet overwhelming? Is there more hair on your carpet and furniture than on your cat or dog? WE CAN HELP!!!! We have a variety of products that are effective in combating fleas and ticks. Sprays that eliminate pet odor and products that greatly reduce shedding are also available. Come by and ask for more details.

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