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Saturday Sept 28th was due day for our little Havanese, a litter of ten (10) puppies. We expected this because we worked closely with Elam Veterinary Clinic as the date came close. We did perform xrays several times to count puppies. And of course, she decided to have puppies AFTER hours on Saturday.After several long disance consults with Dr. Elam, we went to an emergency clinic to help with the second delivery, staying there for eighteen long long hours, we had a healthy litter of 10 live and wiggling puppies, all naturally born.

And a healthy new mom. Dr. Elam was able to assist us in prenatal care for all our litters, and we are proud to say this mom had no issues with calcium or blood sugar. I believe it was the feeding program and suggestions of Dr. Elam that made the delivery as safe as possilble. Frankly, no one wants a large litter in a small 13 lb dog, but options are limited at the point of counting heads.

We take special care of our dogs, as the good Doc Elam can attest to. Yearly checkups, vet visits if there is the slightest question on health issues for one of our dogs. They are special family members and it is only right to treat them as such. It does not cost more to be careful, the cost is in the attempt to FIX a health problem which is ignored.

So thank you to Dr. Elam for this special little batch of puppies with ALL colors and color patterns. Seriously, this is the most diverse color mixture anyone has seen--with red sables, havana browns, black and tan, parti color black and white, or brown and white, and then there is the gold brindle..and one we still dont know the color of..its either a black brindle, or a unique blue. Since Great Grandpa in Cuba was a blue called Puppy--its possible.

So here is the family, and yes, mom does have ten "bottles"..but we are hand feeding every couple hours day and night to help her. Dr. Elam sent special food puppy milk for the babies. We have a special welping box which we keep totally clean and changed every few hours.

If you would like to have more information on our program or how to make a similar box, just contact us.

Puppies will be ready for their new homes on Thanksgiving! Thank goodness!!!

Joan E. Conover
SV Growltiger, Hampton, VA



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