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1403 Anderson Highway
Powhatan , VA 23139

Phone 804-794-4105
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We strive to make the relationship between you and your beloved pet stronger by providing you, the owner, with the knowledge to help your pet's quality of life. Dr. Elam specializes in a variety of reproductive services.

He not only collects fresh semen for artificial insemination, but he also stores semen and ships semen as needed. Dr. Elam performs both regular and surgical artificial insemination as well as C-Sections. In house progesterone tests are available as well as off-site lab estrogen tests. We also offer ultrasounds and mis-mating management. A native of central Virginia, Dr. Elam attended Virginia Tech and received his BS degree in Dairy Science.

Overview of C. Nick Elam, Jr, DVM Professional Career
I graduated from the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine in the Spring of 1974 and opened my practice on July 15, 1974.

I have had a special interest and practiced reproduction in my large animal practice until the early 90’s when I decided to make small animal medicine my focus.

In 1994 I expanded my small animal practice to include reproduction and started freezing and storing canine semen with the help of an associate from Pennsylvania.

In 2002, I joined the European Society of Small Animal Reproduction and attended a 5 year course of study in small animal reproduction which concluded in 2008. I traveled to Europe for one week a year for 5 years to complete this course.

By that time, I was practicing the cutting edge reproduction when I became interested in controlling pain. In an attempt to gain more knowledge on pain management in canines and felines, I enrolled in a Pain Management Course for Small Animals. This was a relatively new subset of veterinarian care and during the studies I learned that controlling pain of an animal would greatly help the healing process. Upon applying the knowledge of the Pain Management Course, I saw the immediate effect on the animal and the owner’s response being able to help their animals. Pain management is helping to improve the quality of life for our animals and that is very rewarding to limit the pain an animal is experiencing. After the passing of Dr. John Sherman of Raleigh, NC, I realized that pain management was a very important element in rehabilitation of any animal’s health.

Nick is a lifetime member of the American Veterinarian Medical Association and....

Member of the EVSSAR - European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction
Member of Tidewater Retriever Club
Member of Blue Ridge Retriever Club
Member of the Virginia Retriever Benefit
Nick has shown Holstein Cattle and Tennessee Walking Horses

Debbie is member of Piecemakers Quilters of Powhatan, VA and....

Member of POWRight, Powhatan, VA
On the World War II Veteran Committee of Powhatan County, POWRight, Powhatan, VA
Chairman of the Virginia Memorial Quilt Project

Dr. Elam and his wife, Debbie, are members of May Memorial Baptist Church in Powhatan. Both are members of the Powhatan Republican Committee and have been for 10 years.

Office Hours
Appointments preferred, walk-ins will be worked in.
Monday through Friday - 8AM - 5PM
Saturday and Sunday Closed

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